Advocating for Children


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Advocacy on behalf of children and young people is an essential part of the work of the College and the work of every individual Paediatrician. Most of us do this in some shape or form as part of our working lives, but clearly there are always opportunities for us to do more, and ways in which we can do it differently and more effectively.

This document is an updated version of our previous successful guide to advocacy and I urge you to read it and to keep it bookmarked on your electronic desktop, so that you can refer to it when need be.

You will find useful advice and ideas for delivering and encouraging advocacy on behalf of children, young people and their families and also how to enable them to become self advocates. There is advice on the always difficult and sensitive topic of using the media effectively and how to persuade decision makers and funders to put more resources and imperatives into the delivery of services for children and young people.

Many people have worked hard on this document, both in its original form and now in this revision and we thank Rachel Hodgkin, the members of the Advocacy Committee and of the Media Department of the College who have brought it to completion.

I hope that each of us who has read this document will be able to say that, as a result, we have been a more effective advocate on behalf of either an individual child or young person, or on behalf of young people generally.