Child Protection Reader


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“We are delighted to introduce this Reader in child protection. It is designed to accompany the child protection course “Safeguarding Children: Recognition & Response in Child Protection” which is a basic course in safeguarding children aimed at paediatricians in the early stages of their training. Learning how to be a good paediatrician in child protection has many aspects. Not only must doctors be alert to the signs and symptoms that may suggest a child is in need of safeguarding, but also they must know how to approach the parents, raise these sensitive issues and seek appropriate help. They must be aware of the multi-disciplinary nature of the team that will be involved and how important it is to maintain good communication. Many of these aspects are taught in the one day course or are demonstrated in the accompanying DVD which is an essential component of the course package.”

Patricia Hamilton, President, RCPCH
Mary Marsh, Chief Executive NSPCC