Clinical cases for MRCPCH Theory and Science


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The official resource tool for MRCPCH Theory and Science written examination edited by RCPCH Chair of Written examination papers, Dr Will Carroll.

This publication brings together almost 40 different authors with the aim of demonstrating how science can be used to tackle clinical cases in paediatrics. It does not set out to cover every detail of paediatric Theory & Science, but provides a wide spread of information from the baby to the child to the young person. Most helpfully, it gives paediatric trainees some idea of the depth of knowledge which is expected.

For the student who is unfamiliar with MRCPCH Theory and Science questions and the examination format this publication will exemplify the types of question asked in the actual exam and gets to the heart of what the examiners are looking for in candidate performance.

For those studying for the examination, we hope this short book will supplement your existing learning and that it will enable you to access some of the weightier textbooks and even the occasional scientific paper or recent review article.

For those of you writing questions, this publication will offer an insight into what makes a good question in the new format of the exam.