Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (The), 2nd edition 2015


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“The consequences for a child, their family and possibly others of a conclusion, one way or the other, on the issue of child sexual abuse may be both profound and life-long. If the approach to be taken to each and every evaluation of possible child sexual abuse is that of “a long road carefully travelled”, then this edition of The Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse is certainly the “Guide de la Route”.”

The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice McFarlane

The Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse publication is for use by health professionals working in the field of child protection. It is based on the best available evidence. New evidence, at any time, could invalidate the findings and it is therefore the reader’s responsibility to keep up to date with the literature. It is expected that the reader will be relying on appropriate professional knowledge and expertise to interpret the contents in the context of the circumstances of the individual child. The publication should be used in conjunction with other appropriate and up-to-date literature and, where necessary, supplemented by expert advice.

Responsibility for appropriate practice in the examination and assessment of children who may have been sexually abused lies solely with the individual health professional.