Standards for Radiological Investigations of Suspected Non-accidental Injury


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“Together with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, The Royal College of Radiologists has updated its guidance on working in child protection. This document brings together the latest guidance and recommendations on how to proceed in cases of suspected non-accidental injury and aims to ensure that all healthcare professionals involved within the field of child protection are suitably supported.

In order for radiologists to be more comfortable in this important role, appropriate training is vital. Therefore, the principles of child protection should become a critical component of training for all clinical radiologists, and the level of training should be tailored to the level of involvement of the individual radiologist in the imaging of children.

We hope the document will also be useful to other professions who work with children, giving them insight into the role played by the radiologist.”

Professor Andy Adam FRCP FRCS,
The Royal College of Radiologists